If you’re a resident of Bamako, Mali your possessions probably wouldn’t even add up to one-tenth of that of an individual of the United States. For Malians, most single items find a multiple uses, and something as simple as a chair dragged over to a friend or family member for conversation is the only thing one needs for endless entertainment. Designed by Kix Studio, the Mousso Koroba rocking chair recoversdiscarded plastic bagsand transforms them into a new piece of immeasurable use. Costing just 26 dollars (the price of a standard local chair), this colorful rocker speaks to each the Malian way of life, the local people’s needs and environmental concerns.

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Primarily using ropes twisted from recycled plastic bags, each chair gives way to a form fitting shape that’s both durable, elastic and economical. Its simple frame features two rings that rotate around an axis, enabling the rocking chair to be easily be folded, transported and stored. The system of constructing these chairs also empowers locals to develop a new craft — a qualified worker, using a specific method, will be able to do the plaiting work and build the chair.


In addition to the upcycling of waste material for new use, each Mousso Koroba rocking chair gives way to a positive and palpable effect on both the community and the local economy through skill-building. One of the greatest steps our society can take towards initiating positive change is to first act locally.

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