There’s a new cure for champagne-induced New Year’s Eve hangovers. We used to think that Bloody Marys or a cup of coffee were miracle hangover cures, but new research shows that a few stalks of asparagus might do a better job. In a recent study by the Institute of Food Technologists, researchers found that amino acids in the hearty vegetable help the body metabolize alcohol more quickly while protecting liver cells at the same time.

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The ultimate day of imbibing may not have to be followed by the ultimate hang over. The Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University in Korea have found that the components in young asparagus shoots and leaves significantly alleviated human (and rat) liver cells that were reacting to alcohol. Extracts from asparagus significantly drove down the liver cell’s toxicity caused by alcohol consumption.

Could a breakfast of asparagus and eggs be all the body needs to recover from New Year’s Eve celebrations? The research has found that the delicious vegetable’s combination of amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, potassium and folate, coupled with its natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties can reduce the effects of a big night out.

Even if you aren’t a big drinker, the study finds that asparagus’ combination of nutrients could help protect liver cells from other toxins that it filters through the body and provides a host of other health benefits as well. So, plan ahead and stock a bundle of asparagus with your champagne, and never mind the smelly-pee stigma for just one day!

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