Mr. Peanut is in for a big upgrade. Planters has decided to give the him a ride of his own: the Nutmobile, an entirely green, environmentally-friendly vehicle. Based on a 2011 Isuzu NPR truck, the Nutmobile is made from a 11,000-pound fiberglass outer shell, runs on biodiesel, has solar panels, a wind turbine, LED lighting, and its interiors are primarily made from recycled parts. Even the wooden floors are from an old barn!

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The old Nutmobile

The diesel engine will be filled with 20 percent biodiesel and will give the car 10 to 15 miles per gallon, and all the interior lighting and electricity will be charged from energy gathered from the wind turbines and solar panels. The car itself can fit three people besides Mr. Peanut, with ample room for Mr. Peanut to salute during processions.

The truck will be launched at the Global Green Oscars pre-party in Los Angeles on Wednesday before it heads out on a national tour.

Check out the mobile and tell us that you’re not tempted to eat one!

Via Wired