Recycling expired credit cards, gift cards and membership cards can be difficult because they’re made from PVC; you can’t just toss them into your recycling bin. Instead of hoarding them, turn them into guitar picks with MTV’s Green Picks Recycle Machine! Simply pop an expired credit card into the machine, pull down the punch, and you’ll be riffing in no time. Too lazy to make your own? You can also buy a pack of 25 for $5 from Etsy seller KitchTwentyTwo!

MTV’s Green Picks Recycle Machine (made by Brazilian advertising agency Loducca, was placed in nightclubs and bars across San Paulo. It’s easy to use: insert your card, pull the lever, and the machine punches out a guitar pick. Not heading to Brazil any time soon? You can punch out guitar picks at home with this Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. If you’re not the guitar playing type, check out these cool DIYs for upcycling credit cards – and don’t forget, you can always recycle credit cards properly at various Best Buy locations.

+ MTV Brazil’s Green Picks Recycle Machine

+ Loducca

Via Huffington Post

Lead photo by KitchTwentyTwo