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La Lampe, LED installation, LED Light wave, Muti Randolph, Energy efficient sculpture, LED sculpture, green design, eco design, sustainable design

Randolph’s piece functions as both a light source and a conceptual art installation.  The forms are obviously inspired by waves, but they also successfully create the feeling of movement. Visually representing the frequency of waves, the piece rises in peaks and valleys.

The LED lights take on a fluid form, but they’re actually held in place by varying heights of aluminum piping cut at gradual increments. When lit with the translucent acrylic encased LED ends, the rising forms blur together, creating continuous fields of light that seem to move.

The energy-efficient light sculpture is reflected in mirrors on the ground and from above, elongating the piece. When standing in proximity of the mirrors, the viewer sees an illusion of an infinite, glowing sea before them. La Lampe was so inspired by the multi-purpose installation that they decided to use it as the image for their latest advertising campaign.

+ Muti Randolph

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