In the fight against pollution and environmental waste, there are many levels of similarly-minded people in government, nonprofit, for-profit and community all working towards the same goals. So it makes sense that a name like Surfrider is a perfect match with #Tide Ocean and the fashion company MVMT. 

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An arm underwater wearing a black bracelet with a clear circle in the water

MVMT is an accessories company that’s on an environmental mission. They started in 2013 with the support of a crowdfunding campaign that highlighted the support of consumers looking for eco-friendly products. MVMT released a minimalist-style wristwatch that is solar powered and features a case, strap and buckle made entirely from reclaimed ocean plastic pollution. 

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A hand reaching toward the surface wearing a white and black bracelet

The watch was made possible through a partnership with Swiss-based nonprofit #Tide. Well established with a complete supply chain in place, #Tide upcycles ocean waste into a material many businesses have discovered and incorporated into their products. #Tide starts at the source by training fishermen to collect and properly sort plastic from the waterways of Southeast Asia. With its Swiss partners, #Tide then converts that ocean plastic into a usable plastic material for manufacturers, completing a closed circle of recycling that avoids the need for virgin materials. 

An arm on a rock wearing a black and red bracelet

On the heels of a successful launch of the watch, MVMT partnered with another notable organization with a central focus on cleaning and protecting the planet’s water: Surfrider. The result is a slim, sleek rope bracelet that makes a subtle statement about the state of the ocean without sacrificing anything in the name of fashion. The Upcycled Rope Bracelet is the newest release by MVMT and represents the company’s mission to provide quality minimalist designs that speak to the consumer and support the planet.

An arm underwater wearing a red bracelet

“When the design team discovered #Tide Ocean material, a company that repurposes ocean bound plastic and supports local coastal communities, we felt inspired to create a chic piece of jewelry: a wearable reminder to all to do our part in caring for our oceans,” said V.P. of Product and Design Thomas Moran. “Living in California, the ocean is a powerful and life-giving character in our lives. This design is inspired by nautical hardware and the function, durability and utility needed for life in or around the water.” 

An arm reaching past the surface of the water

The Upcycled Rope Bracelet features a simple rope design that is easily adjustable and available in six color options. It’s made entirely of recaptured ocean plastic through the partnership with #Tide Ocean. One percent of all revenue from both the watch and the bracelet is donated to the Surfrider Foundation. The company is also part of 1% for the Planet.

An arm underwater with rainbow reflections on it

Surfrider is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the world’s ocean, beaches and waves through a variety of initiatives. Not only does it aim to reduce the impact of plastic on the marine environment, but Surfrider also defends from threats to the ecosystem and works with community decision makers to ensure beach access is open and accessible to all. It is also involved in protection of the coastline, working to ensure safe and clean water for animals and humans.

A black bracelet with gold detailing on the end and on the pendant

Personal Review

MVMT offered a sample bracelet so I could get a closer look and share my thoughts. They provided a green/gunmetal color combo as well as a black. The shipment arrived quickly and the boxes are paper-based. I was disappointed to open the box and see a foam insert, but discovered it’s actually a BLOOM algae-based product. BLOOM is the same brand that has provided materials for a range of products, from shoes to surfboards, in an effort to meet the needs of eco-conscious companies moving away from petroleum-based plastics. Back to the packaging, MVMT uses water-based glues and inks to round out the thoughtful design. 

The bracelets are simple as promised. Yet, they speak of quality. The detail work in the metal adds contrast to the rope. Rather than the typical material you might see at the end of a hoodie drawstring or shoelace, these connecting pieces appear to be extremely durable. I see no chance of cracking, breaking or peeling. Where the rope meets to complete the circle, the main detail is also a circle (like an O for ocean) with solid connections. 

The rope material has the slightest amount of give, so it moves with you while you’re wearing it. My favorite feature is the adjustability. The mechanism slides smoothly and freely, yet remains in place once cinched down to size. This aspect of the design really speaks to the quality of the piece. 

Jewelry and accessories are a subjective thing. What appeals to one person may not to another. But for me, these bracelets offer a subtle accessory that makes a bold statement about the environment. Those are two things I’m happy to adorn my wrist with.


Images via MVMT

Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by MVMT. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.