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40% of the large museum space will be visible or accessible to the public. Visitors will pass through the building taking in the various art exhibitions and restoration workshops as they make their way up to rooftop exhibitions, sculpture garden and restaurant. The three levels of exhibition space will be operated by the city’s main art museum, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Rotating storage racks will allow the art exhibitions to be changed frequently so that art lovers can see new exhibitions on every visit. The building will have seven specific climatic zones inside to provide ideal conditions for art storage, restoration space, etc.

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Although the focus of the project was to provide a new vision for public art viewing, the Collection Building will also have a few unique spaces that are closed to the general public. The project has several exclusive viewing spaces that will allow collectors to display their private collections.

Along the many art-focused features found on the interior, MVRDV’s singular design was chosen for its effort to reduce distraction from the surrounding Museumpark. The cylindrical form of the building allows the structure’s interior to expand with each floor, utilizing maximum space without infringing upon public space. The reflective glass façade also serves to mirror the green landscape of the surrounding park.


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