Being a vegetarian, it is a little hard for me to smile on a design proposal about pig farming. Nevertheless, I was totally taken with Dutch architecture group MVRDV’s clever (and I think tongue-in-cheek?) urban design proposal for a “Pig City” – consisting of huge skyscrapers filled to the brim with automated pig farms. In 2000, pork was the most consumed form of meat at 80 billion kg per year. Recent animal diseases such as Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth disease are raising serious questions about pork production and consumption. Two opposing reactions can be imagined. Either we change our consumption pattern and become instant vegetarians [unfathomable!!] or we change the production methods and demand biological farming.

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I love the way that in this proposal, the prospect of vegetarianism seems more ridiculous than the prospect of creating giant high-rise ‘Pig-Cities’ throughout the Netherlands. But we do love anything to do with skyscraper farming – even when pigs are involved. In fact, especially when the pigs – instead of being real flesh and blood animals – are adorable CGI pigs rolling around in the leaves, as shown in these 3D renderings!

MVDRV is best known for their playful rethinking of traditional architecture tropes. We recently featured one of their proposals for the redevelopment of New Orleans, and there is a ton of good stuff hidden on their flashy flash website. Check it out >

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Interview with Nathalie de Vries on Archinect >