Inhabitat favorite MVRDV just unveiled plans for a new greenhouse hotel filled with living flowers. Designed in collaboration with Kloos2, the Aalsmeer, Netherlands hotel will sit adjacent to the Bloomin’ Holland theme park, which will be constructed in the near future. The innovative Flowerbed Hotel will feature 280 guest rooms set amidst a gorgeous giant greenhouse.

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The flower hotel resembles a giant green house with a glass shell encasement around structural volumes within. The immense 64,000 square foot structure will house guest rooms, a conference center and fitness center/spa. What will set this volume apart from other conference hotels is its more than 6,800 square feet of flower beds, placed on each level of the hotel year round. The resulting effect is a public flower garden within the greenhouse, well-integrated into the hotel.

The public is welcome in the lobby area to enjoy the gardens, but hotel guests can enjoy more private areas within the lobby as well. Aside from fostering the growth of flower gardens within the structure, the hotel will also feature living walls to provide fresh air and assist with temperature control.

The roof and terraces will be outfitted with photovoltaic panels, to collect solar energy and distribute within the complex. Windmills will also help power the hotel with renewable energy. Underground heat and cooling storage will be attained through the building’s energy efficient systems.

MVDRV‘s Flowerbed Hotel will be a complementary addition to the future Bloomin’ Holland theme park, attracting park goers and its own tourists alike.