If you dream about designing your own home but want to experiment with some baby steps before committing to a huge project, you’ll want to check out My Eco Home by LG Electronics (LG). This fun, interactive digital interface allows Facebook users to design a virtual home online and then share it with their friends. You can experiment with several different combinations of earth-friendly appliances, furnishings and even green walls as often as you like.

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My Eco Home is easy to use. Simply visit the LG Core Tech website to get started, which will ask users to sign in with their Facebook page. The interface guides virtual designers through each room, which can be populated with either antique, modern or zen furnishings. A pop up information box describes the environmental benefits of each choice – be it energy savings or increased oxygen saturation indoors – and a fun gauge on the left side of the screen tallies an eco-score.

At the end, it’s possible to decorate the virtual home’s walls with photos of Facebook friends and invite them to a “housewarming party.” The idea is to share the fun and inform users about LG’s five Core Technologies – the Linear Compressor, Inverter Direct Drive, KOMPRESSOR™ technology, Lightwave and Plasmaster – along with their numerous eco benefits. This is a great way to visualize the impact of seemingly simple choices and to learn more about LG’s groundbreaking new technologies.

This post is sponsored by LG Electronics. To learn more about My Eco Home and the five Core Technologies, visit www.lgcoretech.com/global/index.php.