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As adorable as the animated characters of stories like “Shrek” and “Toy Story” may be, the trials and tribulations these protagonists go through often carry enough stress to send even the most tranquil adult into a padded white room. Unfortunately, this trend has become quite characteristic for the vast majority of new animated films made for kids in America; where storylines often inhibit stress over peace, action packed fight scenes rule and adults and children frequently find themselves in opposition rather than teaching and learning from one another. If you’ve been hoping to instill a more peaceful mode for growth and development into your little ones, the Japanese classic “My Neighbor Totoro” (Totoro for short) just may be the bit of entertainment you’ve been seeking. A charming piece created by Hayao Miyazaki, Totoro focuses on the simple wonder of being a child in a place where nature, family, imagination and a handful of “magical” seeds are all you need to have an adventure.