So you think it’s okay to continue with your 15-minute shower because you’ve got your super-efficient, on-demand water heater and extra-conservative shower head? Perhaps you’ve even gone as far as funneling your shower water into a personal greywater system. Well, your shower curtain has heard it all, and thanks to artist Elisabeth Buecher, it’s not taking any more of your excuses. Your soapy butt is getting kicked out after 4 minutes, when the shower curtain Elisabeth designed inflates with spikes.

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Called “Spiky,” the curtain inflates to trap you inside your shower as sweaty punishment. Given the liability issues, the warrior shower curtains are not for sale, but serve to provoke thought on water-usage. Visitors can set a time and experience the shock of a shower with a conscience as it fills with air. Elisabeth exhibited this project, “My Shower is a Green Warrior” at the Milan Furniture Fair.

+ Milan Furniture Fair

+ Elisabeth Buecher