Tesla may be given a run for its money by a mysterious new up-and-comer located right in its neighborhood. Little is known about Faraday Future, which is reported to launch in 2017 and is stationed in Los Angeles, yet the company pledges to produce an electric car to rival all electric cars. The most intriguing part? The FF team is a bona fide Who’s Who of “poached” automotive executives and designers.

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The Verge reports on a LinkedIn search which discovered dozens of former employees of Tesla, GM, Ford, and Fiat now connected to Faraday. According to Motor Trends, some noteworthy transports include Richard Kim, who was a lead designer for BMW’s i8 and i3 creations, as well as Pontus Fontaeus, who has done interior design for Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Land Rover.

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How can a company with so much talent go seemingly unnoticed? It seems they would prefer to keep their prototype shrouded in mystery to tantalize potential consumers. The website promises their concept to be “100% electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalized in ways you’ve never even considered possible.” One way of visualizing this mission is by introducing a battery pack with 15 percent more energy density than Tesla’s first-rate 85 kWh configuration. Time will tell if this vision becomes a reality, as well as whether this lights a fire under other electronic vehicle producers to raise the standard even higher.

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