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The giant bunny was placed at the Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan. Leaning back on a grassy wall, the adorable animal references an old East Asian tale about a rabbit that lives on the moon. Wood was placed over a Styrofoam frame and enveloped in a skin made of over 12,000 sheets of Tyvek paper to achieve fluffiness and keep the giant sculpture weather-resistant.

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Monday morning, a day after the 11-day Taoyuan Land Arts festival concluded, a fire damaged the installation. Workers disassembled the rabbit, removing its ears, head and limbs. Five percent of the sculpture was scorched, including the animal’s torso and paws. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but there are indications that it has been caused by sparks from chainsaws during the disassembling process.

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Via CNN, This Is Colossal