What do you want in a dairy-free ice cream? Well, everything you get in a dairy ice cream, right? NadaMoo! is a vegan, dairy-free ice cream made out of coconut milk. They also have mochi-style frozen snack bites with an ice cream center, also dairy-free. And best of all, they’re sustainable. For the holidays, you can pick up some special holiday flavors without upsetting sensitive tummies.

Three Nadamoo! ice cream pints, chocolate, mint chip and vanilla bean

NadaMoo! ice cream can be enjoyed by anyone and comes in all your favorite yummy flavors of regular ice cream. In their line-up includes chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, rockiest road, s’mores, birthday cake, peanut butter chocolate and mint chip. For the holidays, there is also chocolate chip cookie dough and pumpkin pie, available for a limited time.

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A white dish with a pumpkin pie and dollop of whip cream next to pints of Nadamoo! pumpkin pie ice cream

Specifically, NadaMoo! coconut milk ice cream is creamy, delicious, perfectly sweetened and a lot healthier than dairy ice cream. At least, for a non-stomach upsetting indulgence. NadaMoo! is made with sustainably-sourced and certified-organic vegan ingredients.

An orange background with a white bowl of smores ice cream in front of a pint of ice cream with smores ingredients around these two items

It all started when the company was founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas, hoping to make small batch coconut milk ice cream for friends and family. Now, the brand is bringing lower calories, lower fat and lower sugar flavors to the market. They are a certified minority business enterprise and B Corporation, which means social and climate responsibility.

A white bowl of cookies and cream ice cream in front of a pint of Nadamoo! ice cream with Oreos laid out around it on a blue background

The founders say everything in their pints is sourced and manufactured sustainably, which we love. The snack bites come in interesting flavors like salted caramel, mango, mint, peanut butter and orange creme. Check the link below to find if they are stocked in a supermarket near you.

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