We never even thought about nail polish needing a sustainable upgrade, but Liberation Nails was already on the job. This clean beauty brand has created on-trend nail colors and nurturing products for your cuticles that have no benzene, phthalates, bismuth oxychloride or glycol ethers of series E. Basically a bunch of things you can’t pronounce. While these nail polishes do still have a chemical base of butyl and ethyl acetate, polymers, dyes and titanium dioxide, they’re otherwise made of natural oils including baobab, kukui and sweet almond.

A summer color palette of nail polishes

“We’ve put heart and healing into every color and formula for products and polishes that elevate and deliver so that you can feel good about making it part of your self-care,” the creators say. “Each one is thoughtfully designed with sustainability top of mind.”

Pink, purple and clear nail polishes

The creators of Liberation Nails purposefully avoided the top most harmful chemicals in nail polish known to create health problems.

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Collection of nail polish colors without harming chemicals

Liberation Nails tries to keep raw materials in use as long as possible and have created refillable options for many products. They also ask their suppliers and manufacturers to have healthy business practices. The company also prides itself on being inclusive.

Display of Liberation Nail products

So what is out? Parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens and 16 other chemicals linked to toxicity. And what’s in? Evening primrose oil, violet extract and natural fragrances. The refillable nail polish remover still has an acetate base for dissolving polish but it also contains frankincense and vitamins A, C and E.

Painted nails holding yellow nail polish

Creating clean beauty is about the product and your health, and about sustainable business practices. We think Liberation Nails is off to a great start. Be sure to read ingredient lists for potential allergens. Unfortunately, we are allergic to things sometimes regardless of whether they are harmful chemicals. You’ll want to watch whether you react to certain plant-based ingredients, too, as beauty goes green.

What might make you forget to check labels? These colors. They are a lovely updated combo of bright neons and refined neutrals. We love the combinations that create a fresh new take on fall palettes.

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Images via Liberation Nails