A rug can pull disparate parts of a room into one cohesive space. The Barcelona-based rug company, Nanimarquina knows this, and they make a rug for almost every kind of interior. Each of their two dozen or so styles is hand-tufted, hand-loomed and hand-knotted. And while such delicate and exacting work is often done in grueling conditions, Nanimarquina is fully committed to fair and just labor practices for the manufacturing of all of their rugs.

Nanimarquina collaborates with Care & Fair, an organization that works to eliminate child labor in India, Pakistan and Nepal. By providing financial support through the sale of rugs, Nani Marquina participates with a number of manufacturers in establishing and maintaining education programs and healthcare facilities in these regions. On the Nani Marquina website (which has beautiful photographs), you can watch a short film chronicling the creation of their rugs. While it includes a fair dose of gratuitous exoticization, it also provides an illuminating glimpse at the rug-making process.

Most of the rugs are made with standard fibers, but some experimentation led the designers to create the Bicicleta (see below) using worn-out inner tubes from bike tires – not the most beautiful of the lot, but certainly a standout where creative reuse is concerned. We also love the Flying Carpet, which sits atop an undulating frame, giving it dimension and creating an interactive space where you can lean back or leap around to your heart’s content.

Nanimarquina’s rugs have unique designs, rich colors and individual personalities. And knowing they come to you through practices you can support gives them that much more value and appeal.

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