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The lightweight mobile home is 15 feet long, 6’6″ wide and 7’1″ tall and it can easily be towed by a 6-cylinder vehicle (and even some 4-cylinder vehicles). Finney’s goal in designing such a lightweight trailer was to allow road trippers to tow the trailer using their existing cars instead of having to upgrade to a more powerful vehicle. Made out of aluminum, wood and steel, the trailer is also easy to recycle at the end of its life many years down the road. Once you arrive at your location, the roof raises up on a hinge and tent windows open for natural ventilation. The couch folds down into a bed, and if you need room for a couple little ones, hanging hammocks provide extra sleeping space.

The Cricket Trailer can be fully customized to your needs and desires. The basic unit starts at $9,950 and offers a simple shell plus storage space for you to outfit yourself. From there you can add a fold-down bed, kitchen sink and stove, refrigerator, tables, cabinets, an on-demand hot water heater, a toilet, shower, awning, and an AC unit or furnace. Fully loaded with all the options, the trailer would weigh around 2,500 lbs and run you $16,990. The unit runs off two propane cylinders and a deep cycle battery, and includes fresh water storage as well as gray water storage.

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Photo credits: ©David Bates