Last year NASA funded one man’s plan to build a food 3D printer for astronauts – and now the first prototype can 3D print an entire pizza! Some of these initial pies may not look like much, but the man behind the project, mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor, intends to perfect his edible design.

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NASA offered about $125,000 to Systems and Material Research Corporation, the company that employs Contractor, to develop the food printer. A new video shows Contractor’s design in action-the printer has three nasals for pizza dough, ketchup and cheese and the finished “design” takes only 70 minutes to cook, according to Contractor.

The result may not look like a culinary work of art, but this simple food could replace the canned and freeze-dried foodsastronauts currently eat in space. If this technology is further developed, space could become the next best place to go for delicious food prepared in double quick time.

+ Systems and Material Research Corporation

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