Even though trains are considered more eco-friendly than a pile of people driving their own cars, let’s face it – they aren’t exactly the freshest green places to hang out. So Vittori Lab and a handful of other designers got together and designed the AirTrain, which uses NASA-patented technology to improve air quality using certain plants that absorb carbon dioxide emissions and release oxygen. Check out a video of the green train after the jump.

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Plants are natural carbon sponges, but the AirTrain’s greenery works more efficiently than ordinary plants. Fed in part by sunlight coming through the train’s transparent shell and watered by a clever rainwater harvesting system that “knows” when the plants need hydrating, these super plants also enhance the visual appeal of the train environment – both inside and out. The result of a working group collaboration, the AirTrain demonstrates that public transportation can feel as cozy as a lush backyard at the same time that it cuts down a population’s carbon footprint.

+ Vittori Lab

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