If you didn’t want to be an astronaut before today, you will now. Recently, NASA scientists aboard the International Space Station had the honor of watching the northern lights — also known as the aurora borealis — from space. Considered to be the greatest light show on Earth, it’s even more dazzling from outside the planet’s atmosphere.

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On June 25, members of Expedition 52 prepared to see the aurora borealis at an eye-popping 17,150 mph. What they captured has literally taken people’s breath away.

As Huffington Post reports, science is behind the colorful phenomena. Aurora occur when electrons traveling at high speeds collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in Earth’s upper atmosphere. This causes them to transfer their energy to the top-level of the atmosphere.

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When the molecules slow, their energy is released in the form of light. It’s this calming effect that causes what many know as the northern light show. And, as the video above reveals, it’s a wonder to behold.

Via Huffington Post

Image via Pixabay