Proving that minimalist design doesn’t have to sacrifice warmth, Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten designed their latest project, Swiss Simplicity, to be a contemporary, yet comfortable family home. The architects incorporated basic elements of traditional Swiss construction, but broke away from the mold by using a variety of natural materials to bring a soothing harmony to the design.

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Located in Seltisberg, Switzerland, the home was designed as a comfortable haven for a family of four and their beloved cats. Keeping in mind the homeowners’ vision of “Switzerland style,” the architects used a sophisticated combination of wood, concrete, stone, steel, and glass throughout the design. Simple volumes and sharp angles pay homage to local building traditions, which, combined with some thoroughly modern twists, give the structure a unique character.

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On the interior, a beautiful open floor plan was carved out for the living space, giving precedence to the communal family areas. The living room, kitchen and dining room are all seamlessly combined into one large airy space in order to create a strong sense of togetherness. Additionally, the simple color pallet of white walls and hard wood floors, along with the sleek industrial wooden and concrete staircase, creates a soothing living space.

+ Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten

Video by Chibi Moku and images via Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten