Hailing from Jinan, China, artist Cui Fei uses materials found in nature to make creative responses to the radical social changes her native country has experienced. In much of her artwork, she takes thorns, tendrils, and leaves to form new manuscripts, exploring what is permanent beneath the political and cultural shifts that have shaped her life. Her meticulous works are like archives of natural forms that appear organized and controlled. Fei claims that this is also visible within nature, which itself is a consistent and ordered sanctuary contrasting life’s daily chaos.

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Fei’s work is delicate yet deliberate, creating detailed formations and installations that respond to the concept of nature honored in her Chinese heritage. After receiving her BFA in China, Fei moved to the United States in 1996 to pursue an MFA degree in painting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She then made the move to New York Cityand has since participated in over fifty gallery and museum exhibitions around the world.

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Images courtesy of Cui Fei