Packing for a trip can be a pain with today’s ever-multiplying array of gadgets and gizmos. Most of us stash our chords, cables, cell phones and — maybe, if you’re into the old school ways — pens in the bottom of our messenger bags and purses and then promptly lose them in the abyss. However, the ever-stylish and ever-sustainable Portland based company Nau has a compact solution for your odds and ends woes. The Fluent Stash pouch unfolds like a a piece of origami paper to reveal perfect pockets and zippers to store anything you might need to keep track of.

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In keeping with Nau’s commitment to making all their products from sustainable materials the Fluent Stash is made from 100% recycled wool felt and has a recycled aluminum buckle. This organizer is reminiscent of those ever-present trapper keepers in middle school, but reworked with a grown-up twist.

This organizer has three handy pockets and a mesh zip pouch for the even the most unruly of objects. It folds neatly like a sturdy piece of origami and snaps closed to keep everything secure. We’re thinking it would be great for our computer cables and cell phone chargers, but it could also be handily used for toiletries when you’re out of town. The Fluent Stash is $80 and can be purchased straight from Nau’s website.

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