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More than just an energy-efficient dream home, the Southern Outlet House is described by Dingemanse as a “site specific study of the contribution a private residence may make to the public domain and the role of architecture more broadly in a small regional centre.” Viewable from the arterial road below, the house both announces its presence and maintains privacy with its dynamic and colorful Naval camouflage. The color-blocked paneling adds dimension and interest to the otherwise flat facade.

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Inside, the 144-square-meter Southern Outlet House makes the most of its small footprint and modest budget through split levels that maximize space. A sense of spaciousness is further created through high ceilings and easy access to the garden and views of the outdoors. The building structure was constructed entirely from plantation timber, while the interior is lined with FSC-certified plywood. The building is further wrapped with mineral wool insulation and augmented with a high-performance rigid phenolic insulation board. Double-glazed windows, minimal southern openings, and a northeast orientation help achieve high levels of thermal control. The energy-efficient house is also equipped with photovoltaic cells and evacuated tube hot water heating.

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