Electric vehicles are going mainstream, but one area that lags behind is the legality of driving a slow EV, or neighborhood EV, on public roads. Nebraska is taking steps to become the 36th state to allow NEVs on public roads, by moving forward with new legislation to make it legal for NEVs to travel on roads with posted speed limits of 35 and under. An initial vote passed 35-0 in the Nebraska legislature last week.

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Senator Heath Mello proposed the measure to accommodate the booming low-cost NEV segment, saying, “As fuel prices continue to rise and Nebraska families and businesses look to save money, [NEVs] represent an alternative mode of transportation that has many potential uses.” The Nebraska law applies to NEVs with four wheels that weigh less than 3000 pounds, and drivers would be required to hold a valid driver’s license and maintain liability insurance. The vehicles covered under this proposed legislation would also need to be registered with the state and be capable of 20-25-mph travel.

Via AutoBlog Green