The Keystone pipeline is one step closer to reality after a Nebraska court approved the route of the controversial project. The decision comes after six years of legal and political battling and could mean President Obama will be forced to make a decision on whether or not to veto the project that much sooner.

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In January 2013, Nebraska’s governor Dave Heineman approved the pipeline’s route through the state, but his decision was quickly challenged. The state’s Supreme Court has now ruled that Heineman acted within his authority and his decision will stand. The ruling marks the elimination of one of the last obstacles standing between the pipeline and Obama’s decision on the project’s fate.

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So far, Obama has been content to let the process of determining the pipeline’s fate play out, but the procedural process has pretty much reached its end with this decision and the Senate energy committee’s recent decision in favor of a bill that would force construction on the project. “The delay is getting to the point where there is no longer any reason for delay in reaching a decision,” said TransCanada spokesman Mark Cooper. TransCanada, the company building the pipeline, has expressed hope that Obama will decide soon in the company’s favor.

Via The Guardian

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