In an endearing endeavor combining human compassion and recycling everyday items, an Omaha, Nebraska, church hosts plastic bag weaving events to create durable mats for homeless people in the area. One woman in particular has woven hundreds of mats, using over 70 years of quilting experience to get the job done.

The Faith Westwood United Methodist Church hosts dozens of volunteers who go to work on transforming piles of donated plastic bags into useful padding for those who do not have a reliably comfortable place to sleep at night. Over 1,000 bags go into each mat, which are crafted by hand from household objects that too often end up in landfills. The metaphor of taking something overlooked and seeing its potential is perfect for the group’s mission.

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While the volunteers have produced hundreds of mats altogether, one woman lays claim to the high record. She is told she has made 248, but she’s not keeping track. Marilynn Jones said, “I lost my husband 2 years ago, and that’s when I started. I needed something to do with my hands and it worked out real well for me.” Her decades of quilting dexterity have paid off, as she is able to complete two mats per week. About her newfound hobby, she told local KMVT News, “It’s a very rewarding thing to do.”

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Images via KMVT News