We’re all familiar with those silky scarves and gleamingleather bags emblazoned with CC, GG and LV – seemingly inconspicuous emblems that in fact translate into major statements of wealth and status. But if wearing designer duds is basically a signal of your bank account balance (or credit card debt!), what’s the difference between simply wearing those Benjamins in a blatant display? Spotted at this year’s ICFF was designer  Lauren Vanessa Tickle’s clever Dollar Bill Necklace, a piece of statement jewelry that transforms hard-earned cash into the ultimate display of riches.

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Fashioned from US currency, silver, latex, and monofilament, Tickle’s intricate necklaces are currently doled out in denominations of $14.50, or $30.00 for the big spender. Part of a larger series dubbed “Value Exploration,” the designer attempts to explore some of society’s most revered objects and completely strip them of their iconic and conceptual values. Ultimately demonstrating that those luxury items we often covet are in essence fancified raw materials.

+ Lauren Vanessa Tickle