Okay, so this is a little off-topic for this blog, but I just wanted to give a shout-out to one of my favorite things from ITP 2005: the Needies. Designed by Emily Ryan, and created by Amos Bloomberg, Daniel Perlin, and Brett Schultz at NYU’s ITP, these clingy, codependant toys have “complex relationships” with their owners. In otherwords, they act exactly like the other immature, high-maintenance people in your life!

They come in a set of three. Each has a different sort of needy (and jealous) personality, and each has sensors to determine when other Needies are getting more attention than themselves. While being held, each will sing and flatter you constantly ? that is until you pick up one of the other Needies instead. When the Needies get jealous, they will start whining, demanding attention, and even sometimes encouraging you to throw the other Needies. Awesome! I like Brettie the best. He’s the Amoeba shaped one on the left, who is also the most petulant and annoying. Who needs a significant other when you can have this!

You can listen to their songs and read more about them on the Needies website.