It is not often that we get to combine our passion for music, good design, green technologies, and hot 1950’s classic vehicles, so we take any opportunity that we can get. Neil Young recently released his latest album “Fork in the Road”, which is dedicated to the Lincvolt project that transformed his classic Lincoln Continental into a hot zero emissions vehicle that gets 100mpg. To celebrate the release of his latest album has released four videos which he would like to share with everyone. After all, if a 1959 vehicle can be green, what is stopping all current vehicles from achieving the same goal?

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“She was born to run on a proud highway” sings Neil Young while driving his hybrid Lincoln Continental, and we are happy to sing along with him here at Inhabitat. As with any of Neil Young’s albums, this one is loaded with political meaning and protest. Neil’s goal with this project is to raise awareness of the available technologies that can turn pretty much any car into a fantastic green vehicle. To showcase his car, Neil will be driving to Washington on the hopes that he can impress lawmakers to promote green vehicles and technologies.

The electric-biodiesel vehicle achieves around 100 miles per gallon, emits practically no emissions, and looks better than anything else on the market today. Nothing beats good design, I think that we can all agree – except for perhaps good music. “Just singing a song won’t change the world” he sings. It seems to us that he is taking his own advice to heart.

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Neil Young – Fork In The Road