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Rather than creating a traditional monument, Azevedo sought to create an installation that reflects the fragility of life. The temporary sculpture change over time, rousing crowds of onlookers with their performative quality. The artist chose to cast his sculptures out of ice instead of clay or cement in order to lend the installation an ephemeral quality that casts a deeper meaning onto the monument as a whole.

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The resulting piece was not permanent, but powerful. Dozens of volunteers helped Azevedo place the 5,000 ice sculptures on the square’s steps. Throughout the hot day in Birmingham, the rows and rows of pristine seated figures melted and drooped, as if fatigued or wounded. One figure, made from frozen red ice representing bloodshed, melted into a red liquid that intermingled with the other sculptures. The tribute lasted only part of a day, but its power will be remembered through photographs.

+ Nele Azevedo

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