The Nemesis is the UK´s first electric super car – and it’s currently gearing up to break the UK´s electric car land speed record! The brainchild of Ecotricity founder Dale Vince, the Nemesis is powered entirely by renewable energy from the Ecotricity network. The UK’s fastest recorded top speed for an EV currently stands at 137 mph – set by the Electric Bluebird, driven by the grandson of legendary speed-merchant and pioneer Sir Malcolm Campbell. The Nemesis team is confident that they will top that when the official record attempt takes place on the 27th of September.

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As reported previously by Inhabitat, Vince assembled a small team of engineers who had previously worked with Formula One vehicles – but they’d never worked on an electric car. They purchased a second-hand Lotus Exige from e-bay and went to work, completely replacing the existing mechanics. The result was the undeniably impressive Nemesis, can go from 0-100 mph in under 9 seconds. In testing last year the car hit speeds near to the current record, but aerodynamics issues forced a re-think, as the front end of the vehicle started to lift. Having made changes to aid with stability, the team is looking to smash the existing record.

For the record attempt, the Nemesis will be driven by 21-year-old race car driver Nick Ponting. He states that theoretically the car should be capable of over 200 mph given the right conditions. The entirely street-legal vehicle can achieve between 100-150 miles between charges depending on driving style and it can be charged from empty in 2 hours using a fast charger, or 8-9 hours from the mains.

Vince states that the Nemesis was built to challenge the concept that green cars are slow and boring. He has shown that economically they make a lot of sense, they can provide a lot of fun for the drive,r and he also contends that it has helped stimulate debate about the direction we should be taking in the post-oil future.

The record attempt will be made at Elvington Airfield in northern England later this month and Inhabitat will keep you informed as to how the Nemesis team got on.

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