Though we all love fresh air, it’s sometimes hard to find time to stop and breathe while running the daily rat race – and being confined to closed concrete office spaces doesn’t help! Nendo has designed a cute little air purifier to counter this issue that works using essential oils extracted from fir trees. The AirLeaf Mini, designed for Japanese company Mikuni, can be simply clipped on to the vent fins of fans and air conditioners, and it’s ready to go.

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The device uses a natural system to purify air – it’s filled with tiny beads that are impregnated with essential oils extracted from fir trees. When air flows through the beads they remove carbon dioxide and limit the production of radical oxygen, hence providing cleaner air. An interesting visual addition to the device is small shoot which sprouts up as the air which passes through gets purified. This little green shoot provides a visual indication that the device is hard at work cleaning the air.

Bearing in mind the ‘mini’ size of this device, we suspect that the amount of air purified would be considerably small. But it could be perfect for a small office or cubicle, and even a small percentage of clean air is more beneficial than the air in many interiors – especially if it comes at the modest price of around 9 dollars.

+ Nendo