Coffee and Beer lovers have something to look forward to. Japanese brewery Sekinoichi is adding coffee beans to its beer during the brewing process to accentuate the taste of beer, resulting in a rich, deep taste due to the bitterness and aroma from the beans. Sekinoichi approached Japanese design studio Nendo to design the bottles for its new coffee beer, which they have done in the most low-cost, energy efficient way possible. Proceeds from the beer sales will be used to provide disaster relief in the rebuilding effort following the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Sekinoichi, situated in Ichinoseki, is running this project in collaboration with Anchor Coffee, which is based in Kesennum. Both of the cities were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, and this project began as a charity initiative to raise funds for the disaster relief. With a tight budget, Nendo chose to package this coffee beer combination by using existing bottles from the brewery and covering them with coffee bean-shaped stickers. The stickers are all applied by hand, making each bottle unique, differentiating them from homogeneous, mass-produced bottles.

+ Nendo

Images courtesy of Nendo