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The tech startup Nest Labs made waves in 2011 when it introduced an innovative thermostat that is capable of learning home owners’ behavior and automatically adjusting temperatures to save energy. Now the company has confirmed a new project is in the works: a smart smoke detector called Protect, which will be able to communicate with user’s smartphones and the Nest thermostat.

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Details on the new smoke detector are scare, but so far it looks like the device will double as a carbon monoxide detector, and may include some features that will take some of the frustration out of traditional devices. For example, instead of having to climb on a chair or ladder to reset an accidentally-triggered alarm during cooking, users could simply wave a hand under the device to silence it.

Nest has denied suggestions that the device would be connected to a subscription monitoring service, but it has hinted that their bigger plan is to sell an entire suite of connected home products that can be easily controlled by smartphones or tablets. More information about the device is expected to be available soon, and some are estimating the detector may be available to buyers soon as the end of the year.

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