Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima of The Industrial Design Studio created Misoka, a nanotech toothbrush that can clean your teeth without toothpaste. The designer teamed up with nanotechnology company Yumeshokunin Co. LTD to develop a toothbrush coated in nanosized mineral ions which move in the water, removing stains and coating teeth to keep them shiny and clean all day. The designer will present Misoka at the 2015 Milan Design Week.

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This nanotech innovation relies on special bristles coated in nanosized mineral ions which pass from the bristles onto the brusher’s teeth. Thanks to this high-tech approach, there is no need to use toothpaste, but the trick is to keep replacing the toothbrush every month. The name “Misoka” comes from the Japanese word which means “last day of the month.”

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Misoka toothbrushes aren’t completely new; they have been available on the Japanese and Asian markets since 2007. Its appearance at the Milan Design Week will mark its debut in Europe, with the designer showcasing its redesigned version. The new model has a sleek and fluid shape inspired by water and is made of plastic.

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