Also known as BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110001, the Binary Chair 01 really know how to speak our language (we’re nerds, in case you couldn’t tell). Designed by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, the 01 chair and its counterpart, the Binary Chair 02 are made from old electronics parts that range from computer ribbon to ethernet cables, resulting in the perfect throne for any self-proclaimed computer geek.

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As you might be able to tell, the woven cushion cover of the Binary Chair 01 is made from wide computer ribbon cables, while the surface of the Binary Chair 02 is comprised of ethernet cables. The underlying structures of both the 01 and the 02 were constructed from the same outdated industrial printer which was disassembled first and then riveted together. The side and backs of both pieces are clad in a collection of motherboards, computer chips, LCD screens and hard drive disks.

“A fusion of mid-century modern architectural philosophies and material-inspired design innovation, BRC Designs pushes the boundaries of form and function by juxtaposing contrasting materials in new and ironic ways,” writes the designer of the new pieces.

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