According to Blowfish Malibu, a shoe brand based out of (you guessed it) Malibu, California, around 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills every year. Most of those are petroleum-based and made with virgin materials, contributing to waste in the ocean. Even Blowfish Malibu was contributing to the problem until it decided to change its ways. Now the company is introducing a shoe collection that uses recycled plastic bottles as a main ingredient. 

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A person sitting in a chair, wearing a pair of Balla4Earth shoes in Beach.

The 4Earth shoe collection is a line made up of the brand’s iconic Southern California-infused styles. What you can’t see with the trendy yet casual footwear is that the upper portion of each shoe is made from material developed by recycling plastic.

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A pair of feet wearing Balla4Earth shoes in Sand Cat.

It’s not a new process and many businesses are picking up on the fact that giving new and useful life to wasteful single-use plastic water bottles is good for the business, the environment, and the customer. First, bottles are collected, sorted, and washed. Then they are dried and shredded into flakes before being melted and pressed into pellet form. The pellets are then spun into thread and woven into the fabric that becomes the main material in the 4Earth lineup. 

A person holding a pair of Play4Earth shoes in Graphite around their head.

For their initial effort at decreasing their footprint on the planet, Blowfish Malibu has recently released the Play4Earth Sneaker, which is a casual lace-free design with distressed edges. Second in the lineup is the Balla4Earth Wedge Sandal, available in six colors and featuring a side zipper, ankle buckle, and ½-inch heel. Also in the collection is the Marley4Earth-K slide-on sneaker in several fabric options. 

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A person holding a single Balla4Earth shoe in Sand Cat.

With their newfound dedication to cleaner water and less pollution, Blowfish Malibu has vowed to donate $1 of each pair sold towards Oceana, an international advocacy organization committed to ocean conservation. The company has also eliminated the plastic bags from packaging and are converting to low-waste and recycled materials for shipping. The shoes are widely available at major retailers such as Amazon, Famous Footwear, Zappos, and Shoe Carnival. They are also sold in many regional brick and mortar locations.

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