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According to the original concept, unveiled last April, the design was supposed to feature a tower extending 115 to 120 feet through and above the main concourse of the stadium, but the new renderings don’t include the features like the cauldron and the electric charges celebrating both clubs. However, the site will include an authentic farmers’ market, outdoor screens and venues for festivals and pre-game concerts and special charging stations for electric vehicles. Neither the architects nor the the Carson’s City Council have given the reason for the drastic changes, but we aren’t complaining about the green additions.

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Instead of the lightning bolts and the cauldron, the design includes a huge Lombardi Trophy that acts as a focal point of the stadium. The rest of the design, including the large ribbon-like structures that wrap around the stadium, has remained unaltered. The new renderings are accompanied by a brief promo video narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.

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Via LA Times and Archinect