The EPA has just revealed a new design for the stickers you see in the windows of new cars. The new setup aims to help consumers calculate the equivalent mileage of electric and hybrid vehicles and judge how a car stacks up against the competition for fuel savings and greenhouse gas emissions. For Tesla, this means a new industry-topping 119 mile-per-gallon equivalent sticker in the window of the company’s Tesla Roadster.

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In the emissions section of the new label, Tesla’s Roadster scored a perfect 10 for emissions and smog, though of course powering up your Tesla with electricity produced by a coal plant would tarnish that score. These stickers ought to help move the remaining stock of Tesla Roadsters, which will cease production by year’s end. After that we can only hope for an even higher-scoring S Model to replace the current Roadster, though the future independence of Tesla seems a little uncertain at the moment.

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Via Consumer Reports