Finally, a gadget that will actually tell you whether an electric vehicle is right for you. The EV Profiler is a device that plugs into the cigarette outlet of your car and keeps a low profile as it tracks your driving behavior. A log of your driving habits is then compiled online that will tell you how far you could take an electric car on a single charge. Today’s iteration of the electric automobile is not for everyone — mainly people that drive longer than 100 miles on a daily basis without time to stop and charge — and often the idea of range anxiety stands in the way of such a massive leap of no-emissions faith. Better yet, you don’t have to buy the EV Profiler, it is available for rent, making it an affordable way to find out how far an EV would take you on the road.

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The EV Profiler is a Driving Data Recorder that tracks the rate of your acceleration, the terrain you encounter on a daily basis and how often you take the highway or local roads. It then feeds that data into an online report and puts it up against the real world statistics from current electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model S. Test driving a conventional vehicle is easy — you just want to see how smooth the ride is, how quick it takes turns and how much punch it packs — but with an electric vehicle it is a lifestyle change that could prove difficult to get used to.

The EV profiler allows you to test drive your electric vehicle personality without ever hopping into an electric car. The EV profiler rents for $25 a week or $82 per month and can be ordered through their website. The EV Profiler team has plans to add all new electric vehicles as they enter the market. Hopefully this small, inexpensive device will help a host of drivers on the road realize that an EV could be the right choice for them.

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