If Foster + Partners get their way, the Italian coastal town of Rimini will be as famous for its magnificent architecture as it is for its beaches. Earlier this month, the world renowned architectural firm unveiled a new development proposal for the Italian seafront to connect the town and waterfront. The project is sure to be a truly impressive attraction for tourists all around, and promises to enhance the green-minded plan of this favorite vacation spot.

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The proposal is not limited to a specific building, but is instead a whole development plan comprising of a new seafront promenade that links to Rimini’s existing green boulevards. The scheme will contain a hotel tower that will be located 300 meters into the ocean. A long pear will extend from the hotel to the pedestrian link.

Sounds great, and looks wonderful, as is common for developments of this size, it is being planned to use the latest technologies such as rainwater collection and solar photovoltaics. The development will also seek to establish a long-term environmental strategy for the city.

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