Along with environmentally friendly practices like post-consumer recycled shipping boxes and carbon offset programs, Frank and Oak is a sustainable clothing brand that prides itself on maintaining a good work-life balance for its employees.

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Its newly redesigned workshop is no exception. The company teamed up with Imperatori Design, an award-winning, Montreal-based interior design firm that specializes in creating unique work environments, to refresh its office. Imperatori Design is known for workspace designs that attract a wide range of markets, bringing a balanced approach to the well-being and performance of employees. Everything comes down to a belief that the workplace should become a living expression of a company’s vision and uniqueness, providing visitors and newcomers immediate visual access to the work culture.

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Because Frank and Oak is so focused on environmentally responsible choices and sustainable lifestyles within the brand (it also partners with EcoChit and One Tree Planted so that every case of receipt paper made from sustainably managed forests goes toward global reforestation), it only makes sense that those same ideals be reflected in the workplace. Imperatori Design faced the challenge of maintaining the current atmosphere of the workshop Frank and Oak had already developed while improving the quality of life for everyone equally within a brand new space.

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For this reason, the clients chose to remain at their same address inside the epicenter of Montreal’s artistic district, revitalizing the original space rather than starting from scratch. The new office now has a main entrance that is adjacent to the showroom, introducing two distinct zones. One zone is designed to inspire social gatherings with a lounge, while the other, quieter zone leads to work areas that include large cubicles. The zones are connected by a pathway, with cube-shaped offices and meeting areas designed to create voluntary obstacles to slow down the natural cadence of the space. In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and zero-emission commutes, the workplace also contains a second entrance for employee bike storage, a coat room and a locker room.

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Photography by Ray Van Dusen via v2com