Somehow we missed this at ICFF, and we aren’t really sure how we could have overlooked such a fabulous lighting design. Not only do these lovely chandeliers mimic the organic growth patterns of tree branches – but they are twice as nice, since they are made of recycled materials as well! Designer Christopher Poehlmann salvages aluminum pipes from local scrap yards, and welds them together in pieces to create these gorgeous “New Growth” chandeliers. Since each piece is made from found materials, stitched together bit by bit (sort of the way a tree grows) – each is completely unique — just like a living tree.

CPLighting, Christopher Poehlmann New Growth Chandeliers, Recycled Aluminum pipe chandeliers, recycled design, green design

The big chandeliers are completely custom-designed (and prices reflect this), but if you want a cheaper piece of the New Growth action, Christopher Poehlmann is going to start selling some of his smaller sconces through the Guild Catalog this winter for around $700 a piece.

For all other orders, just contact Christopher directly and see what he can help you grow..