Is reading green? With one option in the form of paper and the other channeling electricity through the latest gadget, it’s easy to begin to feel a little green guilt about one of your favorite hobbies. But you don’t need to fret over your reading carbon footprint anymore, that’s because Taiwanese researchers have developed re-writable “paper” that allows you to channel the benefits of an e-reader, all without the need to keep it powered up.

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Confused? Flashback to the days of the facsimile and you’ll be close to the thermal mechanism that allows you to erase and re-write. The newly developed “i2R e-paper,” by comparison is a liquid crystal panel, but uses the same thermal action. However, no backlighting is required to make the text legible, so you can read without using electricity. And because the paper 2.0 can be rewritten up to 260 times, it is able to cut paper use considerably. The new paper could also prove to be a reusable solution for all those posters and signs printed by the millions for bus stop ads and store front displays.

The developers claim that the paper 2.0 uses a “low-toxic manufacturing process,” something paper companies can’t say. Look for e-paper to hit the market in a year or two.

+ Industrial Technology and Research Institute

via PhysOrg