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It is hard to imagine, but most workers at the Foxconn factories have never seen a working iPhone. They toil day after day for low wages and for long hours to complete one small task that assists in assembling a finished phone. Apple just surpassed Exxon-Mobile as the wealthiest company on Earth. With $108 billion dollars in profits, one would think they could turn some of that cash back to the workers who spend their lives assembling these devices.

Apple’s own investigators found in 2010 that children were working in some of their factories, and they vowed to right that wrong, but some say they haven’t worked hard enough to do so. It has been found that Foxconn workers are forced to be at their stations for many hours of overtime each week, and often the factory neglects to pay them for those extra hours. They are also sometimes exposed to toxic chemicals that can cause serious, life-threatening illness.

In 2010, 18 workers jumped to their deaths from the roof of the Foxconn factory where Apple products are made. The factory has since installed nets to save anyone that hopes to jump. Though television shows and the news media have covered the issue, the fact remains that the world’s wealthiest company is not respecting the very people who make their magic happen.

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Via Fast Company