The passionate Uhuru design team launched several new products at BKLYN Designs last week. It is hard to select a favorite from all of their sophisticated, yet quirky furniture designs, but we can say that their new stools made us do a double take. All of their work is produced from sustainable materials such as locally reclaimed wood and steel, but it is unexpected and inspiring to see scrap metal look so inviting to sit on. It is commendable that they have made such a mechanical material take on such natural form.

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Based in Brooklyn, Uhuru strives to use reclaimed, recycled, or repurposed materials, but their designs are far from looking like scrap heap mishaps. The concept for the “Metal Stoolen” came to fruition when the Uhuru team was brainstorming a way to use scrap steel extrusions that were too short for table or chair legs. The design takes cues from their original scrap wood Stoolen chair and table. The variety of rectangular tubes are all cut to the same length, grouped into a bundle and welded together. Uhuru says that equal importance given to solid and negative space is what the Japanese call “empty space”. The monotonous pattern could also be interpreted as a microscopic view looking at the end of a cut flower stem. However you look at it – and you could definitely catch a few people staring in awe – you are sure to be intrigued by how natural the pattern appears.

The bright coating on the metal stool is achieved through a powder coating process. The powder is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and any overspray that doesn’t stick to the electrically charged metal gets reused. More durable than liquid paint, the powder coating gives the Metal Stoolen a nice glossy finish and allows it to be used indoors or out on the patio

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