Range anxiety is one of the biggest hurdles facing electric cars today. For electric vehicles to truly become mainstream, batteries will have to provide a longer range and become much cheaper. Now, researchers from South Korea have developed an advanced lithium-ion battery that has a high energy content and rate capacity — making electric cars even more competitive than their gas-powered counterparts.

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Using an electrode combination of a tin-carbon anode and a lithium-ion cathode, researchers have created a battery that can store more energy and is smaller than electric batteries currently available. The high rate capacity also allows the battery to be used in really low temperatures, which was another issue holding electric vehicles back.

“These unique features make the battery a very promising energy storage for powering low or zero emission HEV or EV vehicles,” they say. “This battery is a top candidate for powering sustainable vehicles.”

While conventional lithium-ion batteries typically have an energy density of about 120-150 Wh/kg, the advanced lithium-ion battery offers about 100 high rate cycles of rate capability and energy density of the order of 170 Wh/kg, reportedIB Times.

The battery is not likely to be out on the market for a few years, but this development is likely to go far in making electric cars mainstream.

Via IB Times