Laserfiche is the world’s leading provider of intelligent content management and business process automation. For this tech company’s new headquarters in Long Beach, California, Studio One Eleven has designed a light-filled sustainable space that is nothing short of Zen. The new tech corridor was once part of the Long Beach Oil Field, a five-mile area from Carson through Long Beach and Signal Hill.

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Laserfiche building at dusk

This project required much more than a simple environmental rehab of industrial space. Laserfiche had to cap eight inactive oil wells and remediate the site before building. The architects’ resulting design looks like the furthest thing from an old industrial-inspired building; natural light, nature and support of physical fitness were leading priorities here. The current design has 100% access to natural light throughout the building while minimizing glare on the south and east sides using shading. The upper floors on the south side extend over the ground floor to minimize heat gain in the summer.

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A nighttime or early morning view from inside the office building

A high-performance VRF system contributes to a 24% increase in efficiency beyond the LEED baseline to achieve a LEED Gold Certification.

Large, bright windows leading to outside views

And on top of all that, the building is beautiful, full of simple lines and harmonious materials. The Laserfiche team is pursuing a WELL Platinum certification for this building being a healthy place to work. Features that qualify the building for such a designation include increased ventilation, high-performance air filters, indoor and outdoor restoration spaces dedicated to stress reduction, and more.

An eating and lounge area for employee well-being

The design is one of the most significant buildings to be added to this region in decades. In fact, it is responding to the iconic “garden office” across the street that was designed by mid-century modern architect Ed Killingsworth. Furthermore, the mass of the building is turned 90 degrees and stepped back on the upper floors. This is to relate to the scale of the garden office. The upper floors also shade the building while creating decks for connecting with treetops and mountain views outdoors.

The designers hope the office space will come to represent a future of the workplace that is sustainable, efficient, flexible and healthy for all.

+ Studio One Eleven

Images via Paul Vu